Why do we have 3 kinds of primers?

Why do we have 3 kinds of primers?

There are new walls, and there are old walls. Some with acrylic paint, some with silicate paint and some with no paint at all. Different walls have different textures and features, and require different formulations.

Primers are the basecoat on which we paint our paint. A good primer not only protects walls, it prepares the surface for painting. As such, the primer must necessarily bond with the wall. If it slips or peels, the paint goes with it!

To get the most out of Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint, choose the primer that’s right for your wall:

Breathe Primer 10

For all kinds of walls

  • Resists efflorescence
  • Resists peeling and blistering
  • Highly affordable
  • Recommended for large scale projects

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Primer 20

For new and silicate painted walls

  • Excellent Breathability
  • Anti-efflorescence
  • Fungus resistant
  • Water-based

Breathe Primer 30

For new walls only

  • Extreme breathability
  • Superior repellence
  • 99.99% anti-efflorescence
  • Solvent-based