Can your paint pass the burn test?

Can your paint pass the burn test?

Fire can spread in the blink of an eye. Especially if you have lots of flammable material lying around. If you haven’t already done so, talk to your local fire department about what to do during fire emergencies.

A good evacuation program consists of just two steps: Planning and practice.

Regular fire drills will give you the knowledge and confidence to escape a burning building. And then there’s the choice of wall paints. Most of us don’t think about paints when it comes to fire safety.

But what if wall paints can prevent fires from spreading too quickly?

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint is made from inorganic binders (ie mineral-based materials) and melts at the melting point of glass. That’s approximate 1400⁰C to 1600⁰C or a really hot fire.

Compared to acrylic paints, Breathe burns at a much slower rate.

In the event of fire, you will have more time to save yourself and others. On a more day to day note, if Breathe can withstand fire, what can harsh UV rays do?