Evolution of silicate paints

Four Generations of Silicate Paints

Silicates paints are over a 100 years old. They were patented in 1878 in Bavaria, Germany. Since then, silicate or mineral paints have been continuously refined and improved. Today, they are considered the world’s best paints.

First generation: Bavaria, 1878

In their pursuit of the philosopher’s stone, alchemists discovered glassy shimmering pearls in the fireplace. Sand mixed with potash and heat fused into pearls of water glass. What if it could be applied onto walls, they wondered?

Not long after, an enterprising young fellow patented silicate or mineral paints. Coloured powder and potassium water glass liquids were kept in separate containers, which you had to mix before painting.

Second generation: Single component silicate paints, 1962

Formulated with organic additives, scientists successfully created ready-to-use paint in containers. Instead of measuring and mixing the powder and water glass liquids, you can now purchase a two-in-one.

Third generation: Sol-Silicate, 2002

This time around, the binder was combination of silica sol and water glass. The resulting paint can be applied easily and safely onto nearly all common surfaces.

Fourth generation: Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint, 2018

After many years of R&D, scientists have successfully created a revolutionary silicate hybrid paint. Breathe combines silicate waterglass binders with reinforced quartz. Bringing together the best qualities and more of silicate paint systems at very affordable prices.

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint was launched at Archidex 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.