Different climates require different paints

Different climates require different paints

Some places are hot and humid.

Some are dry and duty.

Some are covered with snow and ice and hail and sheet all year round.

Given the diversity of climate conditions, can a single paint formulation fit all climate conditions?

The Koppen Climate Classification lists 5 different primary climates, each with several sub-climates. No single formulation can effectively satisfy all climate conditions. That’s why Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint comes in different editions for different markets. We consider the windiness, humidity, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure and fogginess of a given area. We look at latitude, landscape features and proximity to the ocean or fresh water. All these and more go into creating a formulation that right for your unique region. Because when your paint lasts longer, so will your building. Email us for a unique formulation for your region.