12-year protection

Breathe protects and keeps walls looking beautiful

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Arguably, the world’s most advanced paint

Silicate or Mineral paints are widely considered the world’s most best paints. Developed in the 1870s upon royal decree, the paints have since been continuously refined and improved. Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint is a 4th generation silicate paint, enhanced from technology originally developed in Germany.


Breathe is made from the world’s most abundant resource: Sand. Sand is non-toxic and does not burn easily. Just like our paint.


Seen under an SEM microscope, Breathe contains thousands of microscopes which allow our paint to well, breathe.


Over time, Breathe merges with the wall- a process known as silification. This protects the walls and ensures colours stay brighter for longer.


Breathe does not contain any biocides. It is non-toxic, anti-allergenic and friendly to the environment.


Our paint is covered with fine silicate crystals, diffusing light in all directions, giving your building a brilliant glow, day and night.


Silicate paints are highly expensive. Unless it’s Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint. Our prices are comparable to premium acrylic pants.

Our paint

Having a great finishing coat is not enough. It must rest on a great primer or basecoat. To that end, we’ve developed not 1 but 3 primers for different walls. Choose the right paint system (comprising a primer and paint) to get the most from your walls.

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Paint

New and old walls

Breathe Primer 10

All kinds of walls

Breathe Silicate Hybrid Primer 20

New and silicate-painted walls

Breathe Primer 30

New walls only

Our blog

Silicate paints are the world’s best paints. But why? According to whom? And how does it compare with regular acrylic paints anyway? We dive deep and surface with some answers.